With the arrival of my baby girl I could'nt see myself combining the role of mother of three children and employee far away from home, it was obvious to me, I wanted to create my brand! A brand that fulfils me in every sense of the word, and so Bambstar was born.

I am proud to present the Baby and Children collections.. stylish, high quality and comfortable pieces for your precious little ones, all personally designed. All items are made by me, and as my current customers already know, I am using the most beautiful and softest fabrics I can find, coming from manufacturers supplying the most appealing fashion houses in the world. In addition I pay my utmost attention to details and delicate finishings. You and your children will feel, see and love this immediately!

I have alot of new ideas for this year (such as swim wear & more clothes for girls and boys) and bit by bit will add new pieces to the website. If you want to be informed about new items then please sign up for the Bambstar newsletter or like Bambstar on my Facebook page.

As my website is brand new you might come across imperfections. Please let me know if something is not working properly or bothering you.

A warm welcome to the Bambstar webshop. Take a look around and enjoy!


Thanks to Camille from pixele in Rouen for his technical assistance in the construction of this website!